AR will be much more sweet than VR

VR, which is boosted up by all media, may not have a bright future, according to my opinion. But AR will be.

VR creates another world

We can see that VR is used on watching videos, playing games, and possibly social activities, like friends' meetings, live show, etc. However, each of these is based on a virtual world, out of real world. Years ago, when we were watching TV or films, the family would set together, enjoying the videos together.

Try to think about it, when you are watching videos in virtual world, you can't have interactions with your family who are sitting next to you. Are you joking me that I can sit with all my family in a same virtual world? Why not in real world? With those heavy and stupid VR headset, how can we see our family members and do the interaction with them?

Well, you may say that not everyone has his family next to him. Yes, take me as an example. I am working in a city, while my parents and some friends in other cities. So under this condition, VR seems that it can give you a big hand. But it is not really helpful as you think. We can do communications with them through a video chat anytime if we like. How long it will cost if you want see your family members or friends, who can communicate with you just like the real world, in your virtual world?

What's more, a 360 VR film? Haha, how can a 360 VR film attracts users' attention when they want to express the feelings from the eyes of actors? Film is used for showing some feelings. When we watch 360 VR film, we always put attention on something that outside of actings or what the directors want you to focus on. What if let the actor say:"Hey, just look at my eyes, I am going to show my love through my eyes. Don't miss!"

Maybe the VR game will be OK. When you play games, especially computer games, it requires full of your attention. And you are in the world of that game. I think this is the only advantage of VR. 

And about social. There is a problem about mobile phone use, people costs too much time on mobile, ignoring common communications with the people around. If we fall into virtual world, I think this will be much worse. 

But AR just enhance the real world, unlike VR.

This is the only one reason why I choose AR. We are now living in real world. This is our life. 


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